Big Game Gallery Rugs
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Hot modern designs in ultra-plush, ultra-soft 3D rugs that really stand out.

Available Designs (click an image below to view the item details):

1050 Chocolate1051 Chocolate1051 Gray1052 Burgundy1052 Chocolate1052 Sage Green1052 Terracotta10531054 Chocolate1054 Gray and Burgundy1062 Gray and Snow White1062 Gray1062 Mango1062 Navy1062 Purple1062 Turquoise10621347 Black1347 Dark Chocolate and Blue1347 Gray and Burgundy1347 Terracotta1504 Black and White1504 Burgundy1504 Chocolate1504 Gray and Burgundy1504 Mocha1504 Navy1504 Purple1504 Red and Snow White1504 Terracotta1505175 Black175B Black and Red2305 Purple2305 Red2305 Turquoise2305 Yellow2618 Bone321 Black321 Burgundy321 Terracotta325 Terracotta326 Terracotta327 Beige327 Dark Chocolate and Blue327 Gray and White327 Navy327 Pink327 Red and Snow White327 Turquoise327 Yellow398 Terracotta8233 Brown8233 Burgundy8233 GrayZebra Black and Snow White

  • Weave Density: 500,000 Points Per Square Meter--5 times the weave density of cheaper rugs
  • Pile Height: 12mm Pile Height--50% more height than most rugs; enhances the effect of the carving and feels great beneath your feet.
  • Pile Material: Heatset Olefin--the most stain-resistant carpet material known to man; has the look and feel of wool with a good lifespan; heatsetting makes the yarn very soft and lets the light cut through the yarn, giving it a much more luxurious appearance
  • Backing Material: Jute--highly durable, gives the rug a stiff back to keep it laying flat
  • Cleaning Instructions: Blot spills and clean with warm water or carpet cleaner. Do not use strong bleach. Vacuum weekly. Steam clean if needed.
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